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Hospitality Customer Experience Trends 2023

CX Insights for Hotels & Restaurants

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To ensure long-term growth, hospitality leaders must focus on customer experience to develop deeper connections.

In this video, I talk about what brands can do to understand better what customers want and offer them faster, smoother, more personalised service.

✔️ How the pandemic has reshaped Consumer Behaviour
✔️ On-Demand Expectations
✔️ Social Selling & Customer Service
✔️ Changing Mindsets
✔️ Solutions to Common CX Challenges
✔️ CX Best Practices


00:00 Introduction
00:59 How the Pandemic Reshaped Consumer Behaviour
14:12 Restaurant Customer Experience Trends
28:06 Hotel Customer Experience Trends
44:33 CX Challenges & Solutions 50:22 Key Take-Aways

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