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Hospitality Trends 2024

Hospitality Trends 2024

A Tasting Menu of the Top Trends Impacting Hotels & Restaurants

Welcome to my podcast, where I discuss the latest trends in the hospitality industry. In this episode, I've gathered the most current information on the trends expected to shape hospitality in 2024. 

One key trend I discuss is the evolution of all-inclusive packages - for luxury travellers and business events. In 2024, hotels will embrace digital transformation and hyper-personalisation, curating cultural experiences and launching premium loyalty schemes. Business travel is becoming more blended, and Gen Z wants to know how you can help them get quality sleep. 

In the restaurant industry, we will witness a shift towards breakfast on the go, themed brunches and fat-washed cocktails. There will be a growing demand for plant-based fish and protein-forward vegan dishes. Snacking takes centre stage, and could battery-powered food trucks improve the experience for everyone? 

Throughout this episode, I will also touch upon other significant trends impacting the hospitality industry, such as the rise of multi-generational and extended travel, renewable energy, culinary tourism, the importance of review authenticity and flavour trends. 

Get the scoop on the latest hotel and restaurant trends 2024 to stay competitive and exceed guest expectations. 

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